Tata Consultancy Services TCS CX Assurance Platform Services

Why TCS CX Assurance Platform Services?

The emergence of digital era has ushered the Biz - Tech organizations to adopt omni-channel customer connect strategy and emphasize on providing unique experience to their customers – be it .com website or product. Whilst this strategy ensures close proximity between Biz-Tech firms and their customers, it has a direct impact on gaining user mind share and improve wallet share of the firms. Hence, assuring customer experience has gained prominence in the digital era. Adoption of new technologies in digital era causes a significant onus on the IT budget. Hence, organizations try to explore service delivery models, which could optimize their IT budget while assuring superior quality.

Our Vision

TCS Customers Experience Assurance Platform is a hosted solution offered to customers on a subscription based model to assure business outcomes by improving quality levers of customer experience (CX) – A scientific approach to quantify CX maturity in Web and Mobile Channels through correlation of KPIs/Industry Benchmarks and “Machine Led” testing of CX facets. This should enable the following:

  • Quantified CX maturity and its positioning with respect to industry benchmarks
  • Pointed CX quality recommendations for remediation
  • “Machine Led and On Demand” testing to increase velocity and flexibility of CX assurance

Our Objective

Customer Experience (CX) Assurance platform intends to deliver the breadth of CX Quality Services (Assessment > Recommendation on Remediation > Assurance) thereby enabling Custodianship of Customer Experience to improve business outcome. This platform will help TCS deliver CX Assurance Services on a non- FTE based model that will be

  • Outcome Based (Certification of Compliance to Security/Accessibility standards, Coverage of OS/Browser combination etc.)
  • Value driven (CX Index to Benchmark against Industry, Cognitive recommendation for remediation)
  • Minimize Capex (Bundled with TCS framework for assessment , accelerators and integrated with partner Ecosystem for machine led execution)