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TCS CX Assurance Platform Services - An Overview

TCS Customer Experience CX Assurance Platform Services is a hosted solution offered by TCS to assure key quality dimensions that influence end users experience thereby improving business outcomes. The platform enables Biz Tech organization that primarily uses digital as the medium for business to analyze their customers expectations and ensure higher engagement to maximize conversions. With digital technologies impacting every industry, organizations are looking at ways of transforming their critical business transactions to make the most impact for its end customers by continually understanding potential causations of deficiencies, calibrate against competitors and certify quality levels to improve business.

It enables End to End custodianship of CX Quality in the key dimensions like Browser Compatibility, Usability, Security, Accessibility and Performance across Web and Mobile channels. The platform enables organization to subscribe to services that caters to the complete quality value chain in CX for any Web or Mobile application in three major areas,

TCS CX Assurance Platform Services will play a pivotal role in assuring CX quality extending beyond the traditional horizon for testing, equipping organization with the right insights influencing CX Quality, recommending remediation and assuring outcomes improves end customer experience. The solution is built to align with the principles of Business 4.0 Intelligent, Agile, Automated and on the Cloud with ability to bring in right level of customization for customers.

Services Offered by TCS CX Assurance Platform Services

TCS Customer Experience (CX) Assurance Platform Services is a holistic platform that aims to assure customer experience and improve business outcome. The services of CX Assurance platform includes:

  • CX Assessment to assess the applications on CX maturity by executing non-intrusive test on sample pages to provide recommendations and provides correlation of CX quality parameters with business KPIs.
  • CX Execution to assure and certify that the applications confirm to the requirements across the facets of CX.

The services span across 5 key facets of customer experience, namely Performance, Security, Compatibility, Accessibility and Usability. The services are delivered through a Self Service platform, driven by an Outcome Based Model and enabled by an On-Demand ecosystem. Our services are charged based on the Outcomes such as number of browser - OS combinations etc., which assures transparency of the services, rather than the conventional FTE based model.

Key Features

TCS CX Assurance Platform Services delivers the right blend of assuring customer experience at an optimized cost. Hence, the key features of the platform are woven around these 2 dimensions. The key features of the platform include:

  • Deliver Quantified CX Maturity of the application positioned against the industry benchmarks and cognitive recommendations for CX improvement
  • Deliver on-demand test execution services through a Machine Led ecosystem to minimize manual efforts with real-time access to reports
  • Minimize CapEx through hosted ecosystem comprising tools, devices and TCS IP to support On-Demand consumption
  • Deliver Outcome Based services aligned to business KPIs

CX Assurance Platform enables

  • identifying the root causes that impact CX Quality
  • understanding the application maturity through Quantified CX maturity benchmarked against the industry standards and compliances
  • improvement of CX Quality by providing recommendations for remediation
  • Faster Time to Market through an Outcome based model

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