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How Quality Engineering Enables Customer Experience Transformations

Customers will not wait for companies, even well-known brands, to fix a problem. They will move to another provider or vendor. A quality engineering approach to testing applications and services before customers experience them is a proven path to designing superior digital experiences.

Customers won’t wait for quality. And neither should you.

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Quality Engineering Lessons from Pokemon
Go! – Digital Transformation | CX

The fast-paced growth of digital is impacting businesses – IT departments need to manage the digital transformation of multiple portfolios, while maintaining the existing momentum set by digital. From a Quality Engineering (QE) and testing standpoint, it’s important to be both best-in-class and right the first time. In the digital world, competition is just a click away, and there are no second chances. Remember Pokemon Go, the location-based augmented reality experience that took the world by storm in July 2016, but could now be referred to as Pokemon Gone? The game generated immense interest, but was buggy and servers crashed on multiple occasions. The developers failed to engage successfully with customers, ignored their feedback, and made changes without considering the end customer’s needs. Pokemon Go has some important lessons for businesses, especially for development and QE units.

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Success Mantra for eCommerce –
Customer Experience

With nearly 82% of shopping decisions being made on the go, retail’s share of online, mobile purchase is on the rise. As omni-channel takes centre stage and wearable and mobile devices gain popularity, retailers are deploying “click to buy”, click-n-collect and frictionless shopping initiatives across mobile, digital and social media channels – the place where customers are and business is! Then, there’s the new (POS) terminal for retail – paid for by customers – their mobile devices! These are innovative ways to stay connected with customers and keep the cash register ticking. But along with these exciting demand creation opportunities, digital technologies also present risks such as security breaches, payment fraud, and server crashes – especially during peak, festive seasons. Popular instances include Nordstrom in July 2017, and Missguided in March 2016.

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Agile Accelerates. DevOps Delights! –
Customer Experience

The terms Agile and DevOps are often used interchangeably. Both complement each other, and drive release acceleration. However, not all Agile is DevOps. Agile is a development methodology. DevOps is a culture change that disrupts existing work processes. Driven by enhanced stakeholder collaboration and automation, DevOps mandates formal change management, de-skilling and re-training of the workforce. Developers often fancy Agile for its flexibility, because it makes life easier for them. But from the business perspective, DevOps translates the agility into frequent production deployments, and generates value for businesses and customers. Therefore, to succeed with DevOps, businesses must reach a certain level of maturity with Agile. Quality assurance (QA) and testing units can accelerate this maturity – without projects aging with failures and learning.

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